Ref Records, Llc is an indie music label that will feature artists from a variety of genres. Inspired by record labels such as Motown, Stax, DefJam, Philadelphia International Records and more Ref Records is poised to publish quality recordings and songs into the new era streaming method of distribution and also feature Cds and Vinyl special offers during limited promotions. The first project Rox Ran “Switch Hitter” was a hip hop release; following will be several singles collaborations with veteran artist and a fall/winter hip hop project. Eventually, the label will begin networking music concepts concerning pop, rock, and reggae possibly even contribute to a live comedy album and indie film soundtrack.


Founded by sponsor Stef “Da Ref” CEO Ref Records is an effort to show gratitude and respect for timeless music influence during his lifetime and to acknowledge the impact music has on the world and its communities. “Da Ref” has always wanted to produce or collaborate on the music of significance, though not a major label, Ref Records feels strongly about supporting independent projects and reaching out to music professionals looking to network inside and outside of the music industry.